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Find the Best Mattresses in Baltimore, MD

The average lifespan of a mattress varies by type, with an average of 10 years. A new mattress gives you a better night’s sleep and helps alleviate minor aches. We researched the best mattress stores in Baltimore to find your perfect mattress at an affordable cost.

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    Saatva Mattress
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Individually wrapped comfort coils
    • Lumbar support enhancement
    • Memory foam layer
    • Available in Baltimore

    The Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury

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    Luma Sleep
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • 3 comfort choices: plush, medium, firm
    • 100 night in-home trial
    • Latex mattresses
    • Available in Baltimore
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    Select Comfort - Sleep Number
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Dual comfort adjustability on both sides
    • SleepIQ® technology tracks how you sleep
    • Kids beds, RV mattresses
    • FlexFit™ adjustable base
    8200 Perry Hall Blvd., Ste. 2280
    Baltimore, MD 21236
    (410) 931-9700
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    • Purple Smart Comfort Grid™
    • Adapts to your pressure points
    • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, durable
    • 100-night risk-free trial
    Serves residents in
    Baltimore, MD
    (888) 848-8456
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    • 4 layers of premium foam
    • Zoned Support™ helps shoulders, hips stay aligned
    • High airflow for breathability
    • Pressure relief memory foam
    Serves residents in
    Baltimore, MD
    (888) 498-0003
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    • 365-night, risk-free trial
    • 2 layers of gel memory foam
    • Works with all bed frames
    • Forever warranty
    Serves residents in
    Baltimore, MD
    (888) 863-2827
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    How to choose a mattress in Baltimore


    Many people are guided by their budget when mattress shopping, but choosing the cheapest mattress means you’re unlikely to end up with the right mattress for you. It’s important to be sure you’re getting the best mattress for the cost — if you’re lucky enough to average eight hours of sleep a night, you’ll spend about 2,920 hours a year in bed. That’s a lot of time to spend on an uncomfortable mattress.

    Poor sleep quality can lead to irritability, daytime sluggishness or sleepiness, poor decision making, longer physical and emotional healing times, weight gain, aches and pains, high blood pressure and heart disease. For more on the importance of sleep quality, check out these fact sheets from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Mattress purchases should be serious decisions. To make researching mattresses easier, we’ve narrowed it down to these six categories:

    • Budget: Developments in the mattress market have made quality mattresses more affordable than ever. Don’t assume you have to settle for an inferior mattress if you’re on a limited budget — shop around and see what’s available in your budget range.
    • Sleeping position: The general rule of thumb when it comes to sleeping positions is medium-firm mattresses for back sleepers, soft for side sleepers and firm for stomach sleepers. Make sure your mattress is soft enough to be comfortable but still provides the necessary support.
    • Weight and medical issues: It’s important to confirm a mattress supports your weight without losing shape or support. Many experts recommend medium-firm mattresses to help with lower back pain, and people with allergies should consider hypoallergenic memory foam or latex mattresses. Take the time to research the best mattress for any chronic conditions you have.
    • Warranties and return policies: Quality mattresses are more affordable than ever, but they’re still not cheap. Before you make a purchase, make sure the company stands behind its product with an extended warranty. If you’re buying a mattress online, make sure the mattress company offers free returns if you’re not happy with your purchase.
    • Customer reviews: Be sure to look at customer reviews to gain insight on hidden fees, customer service, how well the company responds to warranty claims and whether the mattress stands up over time.
    • Mattress type and material: The type of mattress you purchase has a significant impact on how comfortable it is for you. Companies are designing multiple styles of mattresses, and it’s crucial to know the differences between them.

    Mattress types in Baltimore

    Type Scoop Price range
    Memory foam mattress Soft layers of foam that conform to the body; great for side sleepers $500 - $3,000
    Latex Similar to memory foam, but less dense, made from natural materials and naturally heat dispersing $500 - $2,000
    Gel mattress Gel-soaked memory foam that conforms to the body and dissipates heat $300 - $1,200
    Pillow top mattress A pillowy layer is added to the top of the mattress; softer than a standard innerspring mattress and allows you to sink into the mattress $600 - $2,000
    Innerspring mattress Springs or coil inside the bed provide support $250 - $1,500
    Hybrid mattress Hybrid mattresses use a layer of foam over a traditional innercoil support system to provide the best of both types of mattresses $1,000 - $2,500
    Waterbed Free-flow beds give the feeling of floating, while waveless beds provide the same feeling while reducing water motion $200 - $1,500
    Air bed Similar to a water bed, but filled with air and with highly adjustable firmness $800 - $2,500
    Adjustable base A mattress designed to work with an adjustable base provides flexibility and comfort control through the ability to elevate feet or head and adjust the angle to prevent snoring or alleviate pain $1,000 - $5,000

    For more tips on buying a mattress in Baltimore, check out the Buying Furniture and Mattresses edition of Consumer’s Edge from the Maryland Office of the Attorney General.

    Bed in a box vs. in-store mattresses

    Many mattress companies now sell directly to Baltimore customers through websites. Often referred to as a bed-in-a-box, a mattress from an online store is compressed, vacuum-sealed and shipped directly to your door. The mattress expands over several hours after unpacking. Online mattress shopping appeals to many people, but there are drawbacks compared to visiting traditional mattress stores.

    Pros and cons of bed-in-a-box mattresses

    Pros Cons
    • Cost: Because online mattress stores sell directly to customers, many can offer lower prices on similar mattresses.
    • Trial periods: Online mattresses usually come with extended trial periods of 100 days or more, giving you ample time to make sure the mattress is right for you.
    • Convenience: Shopping with online mattress retailers lets you compare mattresses from home at any time and avoid crowded brick-and-mortar stores.
    • Inability to test mattress: Unlike a physical storefront, you have no opportunity to test a mattress from an online retailer until it arrives at your door.
    • Lack of selection: Online mattress companies usually only sell their own brand and have a limited number of styles.
    • No setup or mattress removal: Not all online mattress companies provide setup and mattress removal services, and most that do charge an additional fee.

    What is the average mattress price in Baltimore?

    Depending on the type, size and place of purchase, buying a new mattress online usually costs anywhere from $400 to $2,500 or more. At a brick-and-mortar mattress store, quality mattresses typically start at $500 and can cost $3,000 or more.

    Expect to pay around $150 if you need a box spring — if already you have a box spring in good shape, you may be able to reuse it. Some companies require you to use their box spring to maintain the warranty, however. Some types of mattresses, such as memory foam mattresses, don’t need a box spring and can be used with a platform frame. An adjustable base typically costs between $750 to $3,000.

    Mattress disposal in Baltimore

    The Baltimore City Department of Public Works classifies mattresses as bulk items and provides curbside pickup, but you must contact the department three or more working days before the scheduled pickup date.

    The Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management accepts mattresses and box springs at any of its three resident drop-off facilities. The department also publishes a reuse directory that lists several organizations that may accept used mattresses in good condition as donations.

    Mattress Reviews

    Saatva Mattress

    Saatva Mattress offers discounts for buying online, a 120-day trial period, and free white-glove delivery and mattress removal services. The company’s mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases and made from eco-responsible materials. Baltimore customers recommend the mattress, and many people mention the company’s outstanding customer service.

    Saatva Mattress Learn More

    Luma Sleep

    Luma Sleep offers a 100-night risk-free trial period, free shipping and returns and a 10-year warranty. The company’s mattresses are made in the U.S. and come with spinal support, temperature moderation and limited motion options. Baltimore customers say the customer support team at Luma is friendly, responsive and helpful.

    Luma Sleep

    Select Comfort - Sleep Number

    Sleep Number is a brand name recognized across the country. The company offers a 100-night trial period and a 25-year limited warranty. Sleep Number’s mattresses let you adjust to firmness to accommodate your chosen sleep style. Baltimore customers say Sleep Number mattresses hold up over time but are firmer than expected, even at the lowest settings.

    Select Comfort - Sleep Number


    Purple’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic and durable beds are made in the U.S. and designed to stay cool, adapt to pressure points and prevent motion transfer. The company provides a 100-night trial, free shipping and returns and a 10-year warranty. Baltimore customers loved the quick delivery and comfortable mattress.



    Casper offers light-weight mattresses that are hypoallergenic and feature humidity control. The company offers a 100-night risk-free trial, a 10-year limited warranty and in-store recycling. Casper designs its mattresses without harmful chemicals and provides free shipping and returns. Baltimore customers praise the company’s customer service.



    Nectar offers a 365-night home trial, free shipping and returns and a warranty that lasts for as long as you own the mattress. The company sells multiple frames, including an adjustable frame that lets you change the mattress’s position for sleeping or reading in bed. Reviews from Baltimore state the mattress is comfortable and an excellent value.