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Find the Best Awnings in Baltimore, MD

If you’re looking for an awning for your home or business in Baltimore, there are plenty of options. We researched the best awnings in Baltimore to help you find a high-quality covering for your deck, patio, porch, window or door.

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A. Hoffman Awning Co.
  • Custom-made, award-winning awnings
  • Residential & commercial clients
  • Free, no-obligation estimate
  • Takes down, rehangs & repairs awnings
5113 Belair Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21206
(410) 685-5687
A-1 Awning Discounters
  • Licensed, insured & bonded
  • Aluminum awnings with 22 color options
  • Does installation, maintenance & repairs
  • Warranties available
451 Fawcett St.
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 467-8914
Hawk Awning Co.
  • Providing residential & commercial shade services for nearly 15 years
  • Widths up to 40 feet and projections up to 14 feet
  • Hundreds of color & print options
  • 50-mile service radius from Baltimore
3108 Frederick Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21229
(410) 796-5298
Carroll Architectural Shade
  • M-F: 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • carrollarchitecturalshade.com
2955 Frederick Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21223
(410) 945-0022
J & F Awning Co. Inc.
  • Hours unavailable
  • jandfawning.com
1547 Ridgely St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 962-1224
Loane Bros., Inc.
  • M-F: 8am - 4:30pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • loanebros.com
1302 E. Joppa Rd.
Towson, MD 21286
(410) 823-6050

How to choose an awning in Baltimore

baltimore skyline

Awnings in Baltimore have many benefits for property owners. Awnings:

  • Provide comfortable shade and privacy
  • Protect you and your belongings, including furniture, floors and carpets, from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Prevent snow and ice buildup at entryways
  • Extend living and business space to outside areas
  • Help with efficient energy usage and saving on utility costs
  • Enhance a home's or business’s exterior

Whether you want to install a deck or porch awning in Guilford or a window awning at a bar or restaurant in Federal Hill, look for a well-reviewed awning company that allows you to design an awning with your preference of type, material, size, shape and color.

Most awning companies in Baltimore offer free consultations and estimates. Contact several awning companies to ask these questions:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What types of awnings are available?
  • What parts of an awning can you customize?
  • How effectively will an awning block ultraviolet light?
  • Is it waterproof or water-resistant?
  • How much wind can it withstand?
  • How will snow and ice affect the awning?
  • How much does an awning cost? Are there financing options?
  • Do I install the awning, or do you provide professional installation?
  • What is the awning warranty?

Types of awnings

There are two main types of awnings in Baltimore: stationary and retractable. Stationary awnings, also called fixed awnings, are permanently attached to your property. Retractable awnings open and close, either manually or by motor.

Awnings in Baltimore are made from different materials, including metal and fabric. Metal awnings are strong and durable. Metal, often aluminum, is the material of choice for stationary awnings over patios and windows that stay out year-round. Fabric awnings are highly customizable and can last for years as part of a retractable awning over a deck, for example.

Features available on awnings in Baltimore include:

  • UV protection
  • Waterproofing or water-resistance
  • Wind resistance
  • Custom-building
  • Motorized operation with remote control
  • Weather sensors
  • Attached lighting
  • Adjustable height

Awning installation in Baltimore

You may be able to install an awning in Baltimore yourself using directions from the manufacturer. Some awning companies offer professional installation. If the awning company offers professional installation, ask if it’s included in the awning cost.

Before installing an awning in Baltimore, make sure you determine whether a permit is necessary, either from the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County or another governing authority.

According to the Maryland Department of Labor, exterior awning work requires licensing from the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. Check a contractor’s license and follow other tips from the Maryland Department of Labor before you make a hire.

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SunSetter is the largest manufacturer of deck and patio awnings in the U.S., with over 500,000 customers. SunSetter’s retractable awnings are easy to install and operate and come with a five-year limited warranty. Customers in Baltimore like that SunSetter includes a 90-day risk-free trial with purchase and are highly satisfied with their awnings.